Damage or Physical Data Recovery

Recovering data from a Damaged Hard Disk is not like a traditional PC data recovery practices, where anyone can use ordinary Data recovery Tools and Technology. Hard Disk fails or is unable to show important data then it might not be easy to recover data from these premium products. You need to take help of professionally trained data recovery experts to recover data from your computer/laptop. We are using  Latest Data Recovery Tools, Technique and Technologies. 


To maximize the chances of successfully data recovery and achieve total customers satisfaction by delivering data recovery and safety through quality Professional Data Recovery Services and Solutions.

We can solve these problems in the hard disk

            1. CLINKING SOUND
           2. NO DETECTION 
           3. NO SPINNING
           4. PHYSICAL PROBLEM
           6. SLOW DATA TRANSFER 











Following the level of service is what you will get with Yash Data Recovery Services

  • No Recovery - No Charge

  • Data security and Data privacy

  • 100% safe and secure data recovery center 

  • Dust-Free and Temperature Controlled Data Recovery Lab

At Yash Data Recovery, we confirm data recovery charges after an analysis of the storage media device. As we first need to ensure what kind of data loss problem occurred. We test the hard drive, furthermore, after analysis, we confirm the data recovery service charges for hard drives and other media storage devices.


Recover data quickly, efficiently and without any compromise on data privacy. Call Right away for a FREE consultation any of our centers. Mob. +91- 98895 55532

Hard Disk Videos : 

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