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Beware of Ransomware Attacks.

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Ransomware attacks targeting hospitals, healthcare institutions, and photo/video studios have been increasingly reported in recent years. Once these viruses enter our computer, they encrypt the files, images, videos, etc. on our computer and convert them to a format that we can no longer use.

In addition, such fraudsters will demand ransom to recover the encrypted file. Such scams would be demanding huge sums. Even with such a payment, there is no guarantee that the files will be recovered.

These viruses can be installed on our computer due to security vulnerabilities in the software and network used on our computer, use of pirated software, downloading of software from unsafe websites, or clicking on an email link. Since the chances of recovering an encrypted file like this are very low.

The public should take care to follow the instructions below to prevent such viruses from infecting our Computers: -

1. Don"t Do it download software from insecure websites. When downloading the software from the Google search links, make sure that the website is related to the software.

2. Do not click on unreliable links that come via email and attachments should be handled with great care.

3. Install Updated Anti-Malware Solutions / Antivirus on your computer.

4. Do not use pirated software. Also, the installed applications and operating system should always be updated.

5. You need to use a strong password for your computer and website.

6. Take special care to perform external / cloud backup of all our important files at regular intervals.

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