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What Is a Clean Room?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

A cleanroom environment (it need not be an entire room, just a portion, sometimes called a “clean bench,”) is a place where the presence of airborne particles is reduced through highly filtered air and best practices, which reduce the generation of new particles.

In an ISO Class 5, or Class 100 cleanroom environment, there are fewer than 100 particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space. A cleanroom environment should also be temperature and humidity controlled to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, 50% humidity.

A cleanroom is a highly restricted area, donning cleanroom gowns and shoe coverings that contain no outside, unfiltered particles, are required. it’s imperative to open and close doors quickly when entering a leaving a clean room environment to avoid contamination.


What is Clean Room Data Recovery?

At times, data recovery engineers have to open hard drives, inspect for physical damage, and repair very delicate components before they can recover data. But the working components inside hard drives are prone to damage when exposed to dust particles and other contaminants. This is the main reason why it’s recommended that you hire a data recovery specialist who can perform clean room hard drive recovery.

IF ARE HARD DRIVE HEAD DAMAGE - So That The Data Recovery is

Expensive & Time-taking Process.

Why Is a Clean Room Important for Data Recovery?

On average, your hard drive platter rotates several thousand times every minute. That stirs up a lot of dust particles that can cause server crashes or damage to your data. When you open a hard drive case, it exposes the delicate platters to dust and other particles in the air.

Particles such as dead skin can immediately stick to the platters, resulting in further corrupt files which can damage the drive even further. When sectors are damaged on a hard drive, it makes data recovery even more time-consuming. Cleanroom hard drive recovery prevents the accumulation of tiny airborne particles on the open hard disk drive platters.

Through federal standards, cleanroom data recovery companies regulate the cleanness levels to have a higher chance of recovery.

ISO 5 has become the tested and proven standard of successful companies in the data recovery services industry.

For More Details, Please Contact us: Yash Data Recovery Services Free Support Service.

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